A Poo-Tasic Trouble! is a first volume of The Random Life of Sakira the Cat webcomic, which acts like a pilot to the new video game idea Super Parodash Brothers. It was originally available at the ROSTC selection at the Superstar Studios website, but later moved to Magic City. The webcomic marks the first appearance of both Pastel (known in this comic as Sakira) and Takeshi.

On May 12, 2014, it was available at the FurAffinity website before it was released at Magic City months later.


Sakira and Takeshi Risu travel to the beach for some relaxation. Takeshi Risu, while wearing the white transparent suit,  claims that he can practice his skills by using the "Knockout Punch". Sakira says he couldn't use that move at the beach, so Takeshi can find something while she's away. Takeshi found the trash and kicks it, hurting his own feet. Takeshi's stomach suddenly growls, implying that he isn't used the bathroom before the travel.

Takeshi ran off to search for the bathroom. On his way, Takeshi suddenly bumps into the red-winged, black Kriperix with whiskers, named Professor Kuro. Takeshi shouts at the professor to move away, although Professor Kuro asks the password to him. Takeshi says the answer, which is "Secret Events Are Wonderful". Professor Kuro lets Takeshi pass.

Takeshi finally sees the building and goes in to find the bathroom door. He took up the stairs that are 2-hours long. After reaching it, Takeshi spots the bathroom door, which is locked. After serveral tries, Takeshi punches the door to reveal the inside of the bathroom.

By the time he goes into it, his stomach growls again, making him holding it. At the same time, he loses his bowels by an accident and he soils himself. Inside of his suit, a lump of poop emerges out of his tailhole. Takeshi's stomach lets an another growl and another lump of poop came out. Takeshi walked slowly to the stall, but his growling stomach makes him stop while a third poop oozes out of his tailhole.

Takeshi realised that it was too late to use toilet, so he continued to defecate on himself. Some half-long poop seeps out of his butt, which makes his suit very smelly. Takeshi lets more poop, which comes out slowly. For a final time, a large lump of poop pushed forward out of his tailhole as Takeshi finally finished defecating.

Takeshi has felt better and ends up saying that he uses the bathroom next time before travel. He walked back at the beach where the Kriperixes flew off because of his smell. The comic ends with Sakira telling Takeshi that he's punished when they get home.


  • The answer is originally planned to be "Mystery Gift Is Exciting", a reference to Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. This was changed to "Secret Events Are Wonderful" to avoid copyright.
  • The Omega Groudon and Alpha Kyogre cards are included in the ZIP package of the webcomic.
  • In the one of the panels where Professor Kuro blocks Takeshi's way, he (Takeshi) calls him a "Freakazoid". Freakazoid! is the short-lived animated TV series produced by Warner Bros.
  • Although Professor Kuro appeared in this comic, his name was never mentioned in this comic. However, on FurAffinity a January 2, 2015 update on the part 3 of this webcomic had its description revealed that his name is Professor Kuro.


  • The early version of the webcomic has Kyogre's name mispelled "Kyo're" on the last page. This was corrected on Mother's Day, May 11, 2014.

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