Chibiyumi Suiya, also known as Chibi, was a pink Kriperix mascot and is the one of the internet alter-egos of Crystal, who goes by the name as "FantasyMiracle1990" from DeviantART. She was a current mascot of Superstar Studios (previously known as Super Jump Punch), replacing Pastel. Unlike her real-world human counterpart, Chibi's age was 5.

Chibi was first created in August 21, 2013, replacing Crystal's old persona, Alliya Tatsuya (that will later become a scrapped character for no reason.)


Chibiyumi was a very playful, mischevious and childlike misfit Kriperix who was a once wannabe comedy and manga artist who wanted to become a "Great Parody Princess", but she gets negative by other Kriperix folks who told her to "get a job, and grow up". Chibi don't want to get a job and get used to things she hates, so she ran off. Later, she met a spirit fairy, named Seinari, who sent her to Magic City, a paradise city where nobody tracks her down. She tried to explore a place that she never went there before: Spectrum Mountain. As she went there, she came across types of rare berries, called Kibōberries, which has a power to make wishes and dreams come true when eaten. She wanted things that she imagined to come true, but when she took the berries to the parts of the city and ate them, something will happen to the world. All the things Chibi imagined came alive and a vortex appear near the city building, causing everyone including Chibi to lose their imagination. The vortex corrupted the daydreams of people who avoid its attacks. Chibi tried to attack the vortex, but failed several times. After seeing it flew off to the sky, Chibi gets a help from plumbers from the Mushroom Kingdom, the Mario Bros., the Mobian hedgehog Sonic, blue android Mega Man, the yellow ghost eater Pac-Man, the pink Dreamlander Kirby, Eggerlanders Lolo and Lala, the electric Pokémon Pikachu, the bomb-throwing hero Bomberman, the anthropomorphic spaceships TwinBee, WinBee and GwinBee, octopuses Takohiko and Belial, ninja quad Goemon, Ebisumaru, Yae and Sasuke, bubble-blowing dinosaurs Bub and Bob, and the inhabitants of Magic City Pastel (a pink cat), Ryo (a blue cat), Takeshi-kun (a blue squirrel), and Tana-chan (a pink squirrel), Chibi's twin android Nataliyumi (who is then revealed that she was created by Dr. Cinnamon to help Chibi), and two Kriperixes from Chibi's home, Perry and Hyro.