Have A Rotten Day! is a 2013 crossover fan fiction based on the Nintendo video game series and the characters created and provided by Pinka's "imaginary" brother, a technodawg named Thomas Uzamaki (aka kirbysdreamland649). The fan fic is set to release on New Years Day, January 1, 2013. In this story, Yoshi (from Super Mario World) ran away from home after he vomits on Kirby's blanket. Later, he later met a misfit cat named Ryo, who also ran away from home due to pooping on Ness' (from Earthbound) bed, and Mr. Frosty (from the Kirby's Adventure), who is obsessed with the Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Card Set (he is actually seeking the Lugia card that Lugia (from Pokémon) dropped) and all three went to the Magiland Theme Park where Yoshi and Ryo suffer bunches of bowel movements and vomiting. At the FurAffinity website, a Netmon short story entitled "I Hate Spinach!" was added as a bonus prior to the fan fiction, where the blue Netmon named Trina vomits and defecates simultaneously in the bathroom after eating a raw spinach.

Pokémon Event DistributionEdit

A link to the Lugia from Poké can be distributed located at the artist's comments to players of the English Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 games. That Lugia has the OT Kris and an ID number of 05984. This Lugia comes from Pokémon Dream Radar. It was based on the Lugia, who appeared in the fan fiction as a major character.

A Millennium's Lugia card (which is also based on Lugia) is also distributed on the same comment. This card can be linked from This card also appear at the end of the fan fic.


  • This is the only fanfic to be created by a fictional character on the website.
  • This marks the first story appearance of Lugia's Millennium Forme outside of the art.