Have a Rotten Day! 2: A Party of One-Thousand, also known as A Party of One-Thousand on certain websites, is the upcoming special fan fiction story which will be available at and later on several websites such as It is a sequel to Have A Rotten Day!.

It features the shiny Suicune as well as Mewtwo and the new Pokémon Chespin. It also features the first appearance of Mega Suicune under the name of the "Crystallization Forme", and a new Forme of Mewtwo, which is called "Armored Forme" (based on the armor Mewtwo wears in a few season 1 episodes of the Pokémon anime), respectively.

Like its prequel, Magiland was featured as a main location. The pink dragon Crystal Tatsuya and the blue long-tailed chinchilla Ace were used as main characters in the fan fic.

It is stated to release on certain websites on Februrary 2, 2013.