Kriperixes the are breed of creatures that are major characters in the upcoming Random Life of Sakira the Cat series. One Kriperix first appeared in November 2011 on FurAffinity as Tahn. who was a formerly dragon hybrid (later a pure-dragon character). They come in different breeds, similar to Blublexes.

The Kriperixes themselves belong to a kingdom group known as the Kawoza.

Physical appearancesEdit

Kriperixes are humanoid and they have different color fur. Their eyes may vary, although some of them whose eyes resembles those of the Robot Masters from the Mega Man franchise are still in some media.


  • Arizonia
  • Metallic Pomeranian
  • Monochromian
  • Russian Cat-Tail
  • Japanese Dragon Hybrid
  • American Tap-Dancers
  • Aquaticas
  • Kentuckian Ribbonheart
  • Tennessean Glowheart

Notable KriperixesEdit

One notable Kriperix, Thomas, is a Metallic Pomeranian Kriperix. Pally is a Russian Cat-Tailed Kriperix with a mind of his own. Crystal Fuwaya, an avatar of Crystal Franks, and Natalie Fluffida, her imaginary friend, are currently the best known Kriperixes.