Thomas Izumi (Japanese: オサムいづみ Osamu Izumi?) is a one-time character who appears in the cancelled webcomic, Thomas' Dream. He was created by Crystal Franks at the local FurAffinity websites on January 27th, 2012.

Physical appearanceEdit

Thomas is a silver Kriperix (light blue in the webcomic) with a turf of hair on his head, large pointed ears with blue tips and the fluffy cheeks. He wears round, black glasses with his eyes similar to some Robot Masters from the Mega Man franchise. When his glasses are removed, his eyes are shown blue and oval-shaped similar to Kirby. He has blue wings on his back that allows him to fly and kangaroo-like tail with a blue tip on it. He wears a blue collar, a trademark red shirt and the yellow pants. He is somewhat looks somewhat like a combination of Cut Man from Mega Man, Pikachu and Lugia from the Pokémon franchise.


We get to his personality soon...


  • There was an argument over Thomas' English and Japanese name. First Maggie says about the name "Thomas" his nickname. Later, she says about the full names Thomas Osamu (Japanese トーマス・オサム).